The PM has no choice but to call an election.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the government is falling apart at the seams.

Following the 2017 general election, Theresa May’s Tory government was left with a heavily reduced mandate to pursue their damaging policies and bumble around the Brexit negotiating table like toddlers in an Ikea creche.

In the year since, they eroded that mandate even further with serial resignations from the cabinet, finally culminating in the recent high-profile resignation of our esteemed Foreign Secretary.

If it wasn’t already clear from the incompetent Brexit negotiations, this government is in way too deep and doesn’t even have a majority it can use to force its toxic policies through Parliament. Theresa May ought to do the right thing and call a general election.

She should especially call an election if she does resign, which, at this point, is just as likely to happen as anything in this world. It would be a disgrace to our democracy to have a leader take the role of Prime Minister without having been elected to it, heavily reduce their party’s mandate following a snap election, and then resign from their position without allowing the public to decide who takes over to clear up the mess.

The Tories surely can’t go on like this, the Prime Minister’s position is completely untenable. Labour are a government-in-waiting and an election should result in a Labour government. From here, Jeremy Corbyn and his cabinet will be able to not only get on with the Brexit negotiations in a more effective and worthwhile way, and also begin reversing the damage caused by eight successive years of Conservative governments.

Theresa May has undoubtedly been the worst British Prime Minister to ever take office, in her own right. She now has the choice to get out and attempt to salvage what remains of her already shattered integrity.

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