My name is Cameron and I am a third-year journalism student at the University of Sheffield. Since I was about 16, I thought I wanted to be a news journalist, but coming to uni has made me reconsider. My course has allowed me to see the value of journalism, but has taught me that perhaps being a reporter isn’t quite my thing.

Being involved in student media has helped me discover the media far beyond just journalism. Working on live streams of sporting events, chairing political debates, and hosting and producing my own weekly radio show has enriched my passion for the media, but has set my sights on a job in which I can be creative and create more feature-style content, whatever the medium.

My blog posts on politics is an indication that I could never be a political commentator, but as with all blogs it is a chance to write on something I’m passionate about.

My newer posts, about food and travel, is on something that is becoming something of an obsession for me now. Over the past couple of years, I have really developed a passion for cooking and good food. I hope to be able to write about these things increasingly.

Ultimately, I use this site as a means of showcasing what I can do, whether it’s worth shouting about or not…