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Forge Debates 2019

Forge Debates 2019 night one

In February 2019, I was lucky enough to be chosen to host the debates for Sheffield Students’ Union’s officer elections. Doing this meant chairing debates between candidates on a whole host of issues surrounding student life and policies concerning how the SU operates. I was therefore required to research the policies of each candidate, who they will effect and the feasibility of said policies.

As part of this, I also wrote a ‘walk down’ video for the first night, and co-wrote a video which explains how alternative note is used in the SU elections. I also helped to deliver basic media training to the candidates.

Night two can be found here.


Stagelights Trailer

In 2018, myself and Alfie Robinson made a documentary with the Sheffield University Performing Arts Society (SUPAS) for Forge TV. The documentary shows the process of putting on a musical, from the auditions to the stage, as students at the University of Sheffield. The two of us did it all (with some help filming the auditions and the dress run) and I’m proud of it.

The trailer for the series is below. Watch the full series on Forge TV

On camerA:

Forge TV:

Forge vs The World | Ep.1 Quidditch

In the first episode of one of Forge TV’s primary shows, I was put through my paces by the University of Sheffield’s quidditch team

Tom Grennan | ON THE BEAT

In November 2018, I was lucky enough to interview Tom Grennan, almost completely by chance, for Forge TV’s music section.

Late Night With Larry S2E4 – Newsreader

A friend asked me to be in his comedy series. Unsurprisingly, I’ve not been asked to do any acting since.

On Mic:


In March 2019 I presented news bulletins for my department’s radio station. Below is our 4pm bulletin.


Producer –

Forge TV:

I have been part of much of Forge’s biggest events coverage since arriving at Sheffield University, here are some of the best and biggest.

I have occasionally managed to trick my peers into thinking that I was talented enough to produce entire livestreams. In the case of the Netball stream below, I was tasked with overseeing five hours worth of sports broadcast, ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

Varsity 2019 Netball (Producer)

Sound –

On many Forge TV streams, I have operated the sound desk, aiming to ensure that sound levels are kept nice and even, and giving cues/prompts to on-screen personnel.

Varsity 2019 Rugby Union Women’s 1s (Sound)

Varsity 2019 Football Men’s 1s (Sound)

Varsity 2019 Trampolining (Sound)

Varsity 2018 Boxing (Sound)

Behind the Camera –

For many Forge TV live streams and videos, I have operated the camera. In the case of the Varsity 2019 Rugby Men’s 1s (below) I operated a roaming camera on a shoulder rig, attempting to get more ‘artistic’ or interesting shots for the producer or vision mixer to switch to. I have also tried my hand at vision mixing.

Varsity 2019 Football Women’s 1s (Vision Mix)

Varsity 2019 Rugby Union Men’s 1s (Roaming Camera Op)

Varsity 2018 Football Women’s 1s (Camera Op)

Varsity 2018 Football Men’s 1s (Camera Op)

Tramlines 2018 Coverage (Camera Op and Sound engineer)

Varisty 2019 Ice Hockey Final (Graphics operator)


Independent Sheffield:

Best Bank Holiday Breakfasts and Brunches

Exposed Magazine:

Tramlines 2019: A quickie with Circa Waves


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Preview: Walsall vs Barnsley

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